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“SETSMART on Internet” is an internet based information of the Stock Exchange of Thailand and the Thailand Future Exchange database system developed by the Stock Exchange of Thailand (“SET”). The service seamlessly integrates historical stock and futures trading prices and indices, listed companies information, news, and key statistics information. Investors could easily learn and use this service which can be an alternative channel to access information which normally could only be reached by professional analysts.



Usage Highlights   

Real time Data

Real time and 5 years historical data of Index, stock and derivatives trading including fundamental information of listed companies such as news, financial statement, corporate actions.

Full with great functions

More than 60 functions are provided that will help you screen stocks, ranking, compare and analyze in depth like a professional.

Export to MS Excel

Can export to MS Excel program for immediate use.

Supports multiple devices such as PC or mobile

The service could be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Just login to then enter your username and password, and you are set to go.






Insights information of each Fund
Easily compare those interested Funds.






Market Summary

To monitor real time stock and derivatives markets.






Stock Screening

Stock Screening with your own criteria.






Most Active

Stock Ranking






Financial Statement

The latest financial statements and 5 years historical are provided.



Service Fee

Natural Person

The user is a natural person using SETSMART for internal and personal use only and cannot distribute or disseminate the information contained in SETSMART to any third parties. SET reserves the rights to provide this type of SETSMART to natural person only. The receipt for this type of SETSMART will be issued in the name of the user who is natural person subscribing to SETSMART. (SET will not issue the receipt in the name of a juristic person in all cases)





1 month (30 days)

250 baht

6 months (180 days)

1,500 discount 10% to 1,350 baht

12 months (360 days)

3,000 discount 20% to 2,400 baht

Juristic Person

Please contact Information Services Department Tel. +662-009-9620-21 E-mail:

Foreign Person

Please contact Information Services Department Tel. +662-009-9620-21 E-mail:



How to purchase

For Natural Person Type


1) Go to SETSMART website (

2) Register for purchase with your own SET Member’s User ID

3) Choose package 1 month / 6 months / 12 months

4) Payment via Credit card, debit card or internet banking

5) Login with your registered SET Member's User ID

Free!! 15 days trial for SET Member


Terms and Conditions for SETSMART



Any queries related to SETSMART service, please contact:

SET Contact Center:
02 009 9999






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