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05 Aug 2016 13:15:00
Management Discussion and Analysis Quarter 2 Ending 30-Jun-2016
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                Management Discussion and Analysis

Company name                             : FURUKAWA METAL (THAILAND) PUBLIC 
Year                                     : 2016
Quarter                                  : Quarter 2
Ending                                   : 30-Jun-2016
Note                                     :
                                                  5  August  2016

Subject    :    Management's Discussion and Analyst of Operating Results of 2nd 
Quarter in 2016
Attn        :    Managing Director and Manager of Stock Exchange of Thailand

From the results of the second quarter ended 30 June 2016, the Company's net 
profit was 54 million baht - an increase of 29.6 million baht or 120% due to
1.  Gross profit of 2016 increased 21.6 million baht, a 18.8% compared with 2015
due to an increasing of demand of air-conditioner and refrigerator,
consequently sales quantity was increased 8.3% whereas LME price was lower than
2015.  Hence sales amount was shown less than 2015
Unit : Million baht    2016    2015    Increase / (Decrease)
Sales amount    1,436          1,478     (41) - Demand of air-conditioner
            and refrigerator increased but LME
            price is lower than 2015.
Cost of good sold    1,304          1,374 (70.6) - Material management control.
Due to good control of material and continuous production cost reduction policy 
including a decreasing of depreciation.
2.  A decreasing of exchange gain 7.5 million baht or 80.5% compared with the 
previous year as the result of more strength of Thai baht.
3.  Operating expenses of 2016 decreased 14 million baht, a 18% compared with 
2015 due to
Unit : Million baht    2016    2015    Increase / (Decrease)
Operating expenses      56     54     2-Selling expense increased due to
            sales quantity increased.
Loss on Hedging cost of material        9     25     (16)-Customer absorbs in delivery
4.  Interest paid in 2016 reduced 1 million baht from 2015 due to cash 
management policy in Furukawa group.    
    For  your information
                                Sincerely yours,
                    ( Mr. Takashi   Yamamoto and Mr. Makoto  Kasuga )
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