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08 May 2017 12:38:00
Notification of the 3rd capital decrease and book closure date of JASIF
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                Capital reduction of fund

Subject                                  : Fund's capital reduction
Date announced                           : 08-May-2017
Decreasing value of investment units     : 0.0237
(THB per unit)
Par value before fund's capital          : 9.8753
reduction (THB per unit)
Par value after fund's capital reduction : 9.8516
 (THB per unit)
Book closing date for fixing the names   : 23-May-2017
of unitholders for the right to receive 
payment from fund's capital reduction
Ex-Capital Return date (XN)              : 18-May-2017
Payment date                             : 06-Jun-2017
Remark                                   :
BBL Asset Management Co., Ltd., the Management Company of Jasmine Broadband 
Internet Infrastructure Fund (JASIF)("The Fund"), would like to inform that the
Fund had excess cash from advance rental payment amounting THB 816.51 million
which the Fund received from Triple T Broadband PCL.("TTTBB") at the Closing
Date pursuant to the Main Lease Agreement. The Management Company has planned to
decrease the capital of the Fund approximately of THB 130.00 million in 2017.
The Management Company, therefore, would like to decrease the capital of the
Fund by THB 130.35 million. The capital reduction was made as predetermined and
clearly described in the Fund Scheme.

The advance rent of THB 816.51 million is the rent for the last three months 
under the Main Lease Agreement which will be paid to the Fund in 2026.
Therefore, the above capital reduction may result Unitholders receiving less
dividends in the future since the advance 3-month rental was already paid in the
form of capital reduction. In addition, in the event of a force majeure event,
which prevents the Fund from leasing the Optical Fiber Cables to TTTBB and, as
a result, the Main Lease Agreement is terminated, the Fund shall still be liable
and return the advance rent to TTTBB, provided that TTTBB has fulfilled all of
its obligations thereunder. In such event, the Fund may not have sufficient
funds to make such payment, in whole or in part, to TTTBB.
The 3rd capital decrease of the Fund and book closure dates are as details 
described below:

1.    To decrease the capital by Baht 0.0237 per unit by decreasing par value from 
Baht     9.8753 per unit to Baht 9.8516 per unit. The book closure date for this
capital decrease     will be on May 23, 2017

2.    Payment date for capital decrease will be on June 6, 2017

Please note that this capital decrease is not deducted from retained earnings of
 the Fund.

Please be informed accordingly.
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