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21 Sep 2017 12:57:00
Clarification on news appearing in the media
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                JorTor 11 - 600295                        September 21, 2017

To:    The President
The Stock Exchange of Thailand
Re:    Clarification on news appearing in the media
Reference is made to some sources of the news dated September 21, 2017, 
mentioning that "DIF's offering price will be at THB 12.00 and increasing the
Fund's size to THB 100 billion"
SCB Asset Management Company Limited (the "Management Company") as management 
company of Digital Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund (the "Fund") would
like to inform that according to the notification made by the Fund to the Stock
Exchange of Thailand dated on September 20, 2017 on "the notification of the
resolutions of the meeting of the Investment Committee regarding the investment
in additional assets, the capital increase, the amendments to the agreements in
relation to the benefit seeking from the additional assets and the fixing of the
record date to determine the list of unitholders entitled to attend the Meeting
of unitholders No. 1/2017", the Fund has not specified any offering price for
the capital increase yet.
The determination of the offering amount and offering price of the new 
investment units is based on the appraised values of the Additional Telecom
Infrastructure Assets No. 3 made by the two independent appraisers as well as
other relevant factors such as the conditions of the money and capital markets
during the offering period, the appropriate rate of return for investors, the
commercial potential of the assets to be invested, the interest rates both
onshore, offshore and the result of the book building, etc. The offering price
will be determined and prescribed by the Management Company prior to the

Please be informed accordingly.

Yours Faithfully,
Digital Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund
By SCB Asset Management Company

(Ms. Pijittra Trirattanathada)
Executive Vice President,
Property and Infrastructure Investment Group
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