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28 Sep 2017 22:33:00
Information Memorandum on the Asset Acquisition of NUSA and Disposal of Assets of a Subsidiary. (Additional)
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                Acquisition and disposition of assets

Ref. NUSA. 051/2017

Date:    May 29, 2017

Subject:     Resolution of the Board of Directors Meeting No. 5/2017
    Information Memorandum on the Asset Acquisition of  NUSA and Disposal of Assets
 of a Subsidiary.  (Additional)

Attention :       Director and Manager
                The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Refers to the Board of Directors of Nusasiri Public Company Limited ("the 
company" or "NUSA") Meeting No. 5/2017 held on May 29, 2017, the meeting had
approved to the transaction, the acquisition and disposition of assets

    1. The meeting approved the investment in the company Panacee Medical Hong Kong
Limited, running a Wellness Business in Hong Kong and China, total registered
capital of 80,000,000 HKD.
    2. The Meeting resolved to approve the transactions and disposition of assets 
of the subsidiary "Nusa Sriracha Condotel Company Limited" the sale of
investment in subsidiaries 50% of the share capital, a value of Baht 175 million
for the Sangfah Construction & Engineering Company Limited the large
construction companies in the country experience in the construction of large
buildings, the intention to participate in the project invested assets Sriracha
Phase 1.

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