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13 Nov 2017 17:20:00
Operating Result Quarter 1 Ending 30 Sep 2017
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                Operating result

TT/IM 393/2017
                            13 November 2017

RE:    Clarification the changing of Net Profit (Loss) in Profit and loss statement
 exceeding than 20% in compare to same period of previous year

Attn:    President
    The Stock Exchange of Thailand

    Luxury Real Estate Investment Fund (LUXF) would like to clarify the changing of
Net Profit (Loss) in profit and loss statement that exceeded than 20% in
compare to the same period of previous year.

    In comparison, the financial statement for the period of 3 months from Jul 1st 
2017- Sep 30th 2017, the Fund showed that the "Increase in net assets resulting
from operation" totaling of Baht 16.546 million which increased by Baht 2.927
million from the same period in 2016.

    The main factor of such change is that fund experienced increased in its 
"Investment income" and decreased in its "Total expenses". For the period of 3
months from Jul 1st 2017- Sep 30th 2017, LUXF "Investment income" has been
increased from Bath 18.994 million to Baht 19.020 million. In addition, LUXF
"Total expenses" has been decreased from Bath 4.555 million to Baht 2.462
million as a result of the reduction of "Repairing expenses" of Baht 1.9

      Please notify accordingly


                                         Phichet Piyapatigaroon
                               Authorized Signatory
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