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30 Nov 2017 17:26:00
Announcement of 10 major unit holders
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                Ref. MFC.BS.349/2017

30 November 2017

To     President
    The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Dear Sir,

Subject:  Announcement of 10 major unit holders of the MFC Patong Heritage 
Property Fund (M-PAT)    as at the closing date of the registration book

MFC Asset Management Public Company Limited as the Registrar of M-PAT would like
to report the top 10 major unit holders as at 22 November 2017, the closing
date of the registration, as follows:
No.    Name of Unit holders    Number of Units    %
1    Khon Kaen University    10,000,000.0000    9.52
2    Mr. Panya Kuantrakul by MFC Asset Management Public Company 
Limited    7,200,000.0000    6.86
3    Ms.Pitchapat Asvasirayothin    5,250,000.0000    5.00
4    Mr. Ativat Asvasirayothin    5,250,000.0000    5.00
5    Ms.Thanarat Asvasirayothin    5,250,000.0000    5.00
6    Mr. Pratharn Chaiprasit    5,000,000.0000    4.76
7    Mr. Aek Nana and Mr.Ruj Nana    2,500,000.0000    2.38
8    Mr. Somchai Limthongsittikhun    2,466,600.0000    2.35
9    Mrs. Laksanee Sarasas    2,250,000.0000    2.14
10    Mr. Thawee Piyapatana      2,030,000.0000    1.93
    Total    47,196,600.0000    44.94

Please be informed accordingly.

Yours truly,

Mr. Athichai Vichitvanichpong
First Senior Vice President

Business Support Department
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losses and damages in any cases.  In case you have any inquiries or
clarification regarding this announcement, please directly contact listed
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