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07 Mar 2018 17:23:00
Details of Properties and Valuation
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Multi-National Residence Fund
Details of Properties and Valuation
1. Appraiser    :    CPM Capital Co.,Ltd.
2. Valuation Date    :        8th December 2017
3. Location    :         3.1   Palmtree Place Project and Nichada Garden Condominium 
Project are     located in the Nichada Thani Project , Soi Samakee 29, Samakee
Road, Tambon Bangtalad, Amphor Pakkret, Nonthaburi
3.2    The Privilege Leam Chabang are located on Yuttasart-Nongkwa Tambon       
Bung, Amphur Sriracha, Chonburi Province
4.  Details of Properties:

Projects    Type    Number
of Units    Appraisal Value
1.    Palm Tree Place    2-storey single house    29    518,000,000
2.    Danicha Garden Condominium    7-storey Condominium    40    231,700,000
3.    The Privilege Leam Chabang    2-storey single house    35    294,700,000
Remark : the Fund has sold asset in the Danicha Garden Condominium total 8 units
accumulate appraisal value 46,014,384.70 baht., and land title deed with
2-storey detached house number 39/806 total 1 unit, appraisal value
18,542,080.98 baht.

5.  Method of valuation         :    The appraiser has applied the income method 
which derived from an estimation of the net income generated from the subject
properties. Under this valuation the appraiser applied 10-year discounted cash
flow projection plus its terminal value to indicate the property value.

6. Investors may request for more details of the appraisal report at the 
Management Company.
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