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20 Mar 2018 07:43:00
New shares of SPCG to be traded on March 21, 2018
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                Additional listed securities

Subject                                  : Additional listed shares
Company name                             : SPCG PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED (SPCG)
Old capital (baht)                       : 923,990,000.00
- Common stock (Unit: shares)            : 923,990,000
Number of additional shares              :
- Common stock (Unit: shares)            : 50,000,000
New capital (baht)                       : 973,990,000.00
- Common stock (Unit: shares)            : 973,990,000
Par value (baht per share)               : 1.00
Allocated to                             : Kyocera Corporation
Offering price (baht per share)          : 21.70
Subscription and payment period          : From 01-Feb-2018 to 15-Feb-2018
Trading date                             : 21-Mar-2018
Remark                                   :
Kyocera Corporation certify to the Stock Exchange of Thailand that its shares of
50,000,000 shares or 100% of the number of newly issued shares that
subscription price lower than market price will not be sold for the period of
one year from the date that the SET has approved such shares as listed
securities. Upon the expiry of 6 months period of the prescribed time, such
shares will be allowed to sell 25% of the total amount of shares prohibited for
sale and the rest after one year.