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29 Mar 2018 21:21:00
Notification of the date of determination of unitholders to subscribe for the new investment units for the capital increase of the Fund (Additional Information)
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                Capital increase

Subject                                  : Fund's increasing capital
Date announced                           : 28-Mar-2018
Allocated to (Update)                    : - Private placement
Person(s) receiving allotment(s)         :True Corporation Public Company 
Allocated to (Update)                    : - Public offering
Number of additional investment units    : 1,053,000,000
(units) (Update)
Allocated to (Update)                    : - Public offering who are existing 
Number of additional units (units) (New) : 2,778,000,000
Ratio (Old : New) (New)                  : 2.0911 : 1
Record date for the right to subscribe   : 17-Apr-2018
additional investment units (New)
Ex-Other Benefits Date (XB) (New)        : 12-Apr-2018
Remark (Update)                          :
1) the new investment units will be mainly for public offering which will be 
allocated to existing unitholders, representing not less than 50 per cent of
total number of new investment units which is in accordance with the resolutions
 of the Unitholders' Meeting of the Fund No. 1/2017.
2) With respect to any new investment units remaining from the allocation to, or
not allocated to, the Eligible Unitholders, they may be further allocated to
various types of investors as specified in the Prospectus in accordance with the
 resolutions of the Unitholders' Meeting of the Fund.
3) In any event, according to the resolutions of the Unitholders' Meeting No. 
1/2017, True Corporation Public Company Limited ("TRUE") is entitled to
allocation of new investment units through the private placement in addition to
the allocation of new investment units in proportion to its unitholding under
the preferential public offering. However, the total unitholding of TRUE and its
subsidiaries in the Fund after the capital increase of the Fund (that is, the
number of investment units currently held by TRUE combining with the number of
new investment units to be allocated to TRUE and its subsidiaries under all
options) shall not exceed one third of the total number of issued investment
units of the Fund after the capital increase.
4) The Management Company will notify the offering price range and details for 
the subscription of the new investment units at least 2 business days prior to
the XB (Excluding Other Benefits) Date.
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