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12 Jun 2018 13:10:00
Notification of Progress for the Investment in the Project of the Marvel Experience and Guarantee Obligation to Hero Experience Company Limited on Shareholding Proportion
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                Acquisition or disposition of assets

According to the fact that Demeter Corporation Public Company Limited (the 
"Company") has invested in the Project of the Marvel Experience: Theme
Entertainment Attraction - TMX (the "Project"), by means of subscription of
newly issued shares and acquisition of shares from the existing shareholders of
Hero Experience Company Limited ("Hero Experience"). The Company wishes to
hereby report to the Stock Exchange of Thailand ("SET") regarding the progress
of the Project that the Project is scheduled for official opening ceremony on
June 20, 2018 and for commercial launch date on June 22, 2018 at around 16.00
Furthermore, due to the fact that Hero Experience needs more financial support 
for loyalty fee, rental fee, construction fee, decoration fee, equipment fee,
and other expenses relating to the Project; Hero Experience has entered into
credit facilitie agreements on May 23, 2018 with the Siam Commercial Bank Public
Company Limited with the total amount of THB 240,000,000. The Company will
provide the credit guarantee for Hero Experience by mean of business collateral
registration as a cash deposit in the name of the Company with the amount of THB
 90,000,000 based on the shareholding proportion 37.5%
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