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16 Jul 2018 17:37:00
Announcement of Asset Value
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No.  TT/ IM   346/2018

                                    16 July 2018

Attn:     President
      The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Re:    Announcement of Asset Value

Dear Sir,

TMB Asset Management Co., Ltd. (The Management Company) on behalf of Fund 
Management Company of Luxury Real Estate Investment Fund (LUXF) would like to
announce the asset value from annual asset valuation for the year 2018 as
following details

Appraisal Firm   Grand Asset Advisory Co., Ltd.
Type of Assets   Land and Building
Location   56 Moo 5 Ban Pa Sai - Ban Tha Khao Road, Koh Yao Noi Sub District, 
Koh Yao District, Phang Nga Province
Valuation  approach   Income Approach
Cash-flow projection period   10 Years
Date of valuation   25 June 2018
Open Market Value    2,220,000,000 Baht ( Two Thousand Two Hundred and Twenty 
Million Baht)*
*Note: The above Open Market Value took  into account the existing contracts in 
generating revenue from the asset by Luxury Real Estate Investment Fund ( Lease
Contract) as a part of valuation assumption under the announcement of
Securities and Exchange Commission No. Nor (Wor) 22/2010 dated 22 July 2010  Re:
 "Valuation and Valuation Review of Property Fund"

Investors can inquire information relation to the valuation report or valuation 
review report from TMB Asset Management Co., Ltd

Please notify accordingly

Your Sincerely

Phiphat Phisanuwongrak
Authorized Signatory
This announcement was prepared and disseminated by listed company or issuer 
through the electronic system which is provided for the purpose of dissemination
of the information and related documents of listed company or issuer to the
Stock Exchange of Thailand only.  The Stock Exchange of Thailand has   no
responsibility for the correctness and completeness of any statements, figures,
reports or opinions contained in this announcement, and has no liability for any
losses and damages in any cases.  In case you have any inquiries or
clarification regarding this announcement, please directly contact listed
company or issuer who made this announcement.