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06 Sep 2018 17:17:00
Notification on the disputes of True Corporation Public Company Limited
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                Jor Tor 11- 610194                        
                                6 September 2018

To: The President
      The Stock Exchange of Thailand

Re:  Notification on the disputes of True Corporation Public Company Limited

Referring to the announcement of True Corporation Public Company Limited 
("TRUE") on the progress of (a) the resolution of the National Broadcasting and
Telecommunications Commission ("NBTC") imposing upon True Move Company Limited,
a subsidiary of TRUE, to submit its revenue from providing mobile phone service
on 1800 MHz frequency spectrum during the subscribers protection period starting
from its entering into the interim subscribers protection measure pursuant to
the NBTC's Notification on Protection for Subscribers upon the Expiration of
Concession Agreements or the Agreement to Operate B.E. 2013 in an amount of Baht
3,381.95 million; and (b) the award rendered by the Arbitral Tribunal ordering
TRUE to pay TOT Public Company Limited ("TOT") penalty for a breach of contract
in relation to an arbitration claim against TRUE, claiming that TRUE was in
breach of the Joint Operation and Joint Investment Agreement in providing high
speed internet (ADSL) service or allowing other parties to make use of the said
system's equipment to provide ADSL service and claimed for the damages from
their lack of revenue from ADSL service. TRUE expresses its disagreement with
both the said NBTC's resolution and the Arbitral Tribunal's award and will take
further possible legal action to dispute the above matters.

We, SCB Asset Management Company Limited as the management company of Digital 
Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund (the "Fund"), would like to inform you
that the Fund has been aware of these incidents and based on the aforementioned
announcement of TRUE, both the NBTC's resolution and the Arbitral Tribunal's
award are not final and TRUE will take further possible legal action to appeal
the matters.  Based on this, the Fund believes that these matters will not
adversely affect the operation of the Fund yet and the Fund will closely monitor
 these matters and further inform the unitholders accordingly.

Please be informed accordingly.
Yours Faithfully,
Digital Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund
By SCB Asset Management Company

(Mrs. Tipaphan Puttarawigorm)
Executive Vice President, Property and Infrastructure Investment Group
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