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21 Jan 2019 19:07:00
Report of the termination of the Marvel Experience: Theme Entertainment Attraction - TMX Thailand Project
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                Demeter Corporation Public Company Limited (the "Company") has invested in 
Marvel Experience: Theme Entertainment Attraction - TMX Thailand project (the
"Project") as a result of its holding 37.5 percent of the shares in Hero
Experience Company Limited ("Hero Experience"). The Company wishes to report to
the Stock Exchange of Thailand ("SET") that, on January 21, 2019, Hero
Experience held the Extraordinary General Meeting No. 1/2019 (the "Meeting") at
which it proposed an agenda for consideration regarding termination of the
Project operation due to the fact that Hero Experience has a lack of liquidity
problem, and the Project has not been operated in accordance with the plan. The
Meeting resolved to terminate the Project with 62.5 percent of the votes in
favor and 37.5 percent of the votes against. The management of Hero Experience
has scheduled cessation of the operation of the Project on January 29, 2019; the
 show at 6.00 PM on such day will be the last performance.
The Company, as the shareholder of 37.5 percent in Hero Experience, shall 
carefully co-consider with the major shareholder regarding the management of
Hero Experience's assets in order to limit the negative effect on the Company.
Should there any progress on this effort, the Company will inform with a prompt
update accordingly.
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