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13 Mar 2019 19:30:00
SET News : SET ready for digital transformation, building digital asset platform
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               March 13, 2019

SET ready for digital transformation, building digital asset platform

BANGKOK, March 13, 2019 - The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) will continue to 
collaborate with all stakeholders to digitize the capital market infrastructure
to transform customer experiences and will build the digital asset platform
expected to be rolled out in 2020.

SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai said that SET's three-year strategic plan 
(2019-2021) will focus on the development of digital infrastructure platform,
building one-stop digital capital market, opening up new investment
opportunities and leveling up investment experiences for more convenience and
higher speed. This will strengthen the "SET?Make it 'Work' for Everyone" vision.

In 2019, the Thai capital market will experience a real transformation into the 
digital age in two areas. The first one is a complete digitization of the
capital market infrastructure covering such enhancements as the paperless
account opening process through electronic identification verification,
electronic payment of stamp duty and direct-debit registration processes.  In
addition, SET's FundConnext mutual fund platform which is currently connected
with 19 asset management firms in Thailand will be linked with Vestima, a global
fund processing platform operated by Clearstream.  FundConnext will connect the
Thai investment fund market to global investors by serving as a gateway for
investors in 56 countries to capture investment opportunities.  For the capital
market's new payment service introduced last year, this year the services will
enhanced to process interbank payment, making it more effective operationally
and financially for securities firms. These services will be rolled out in

On the second front, SET will work very closely and collectively with all 
stakeholders in the Thai capital market to build a new ecosystem for the Thai
capital market.  The new ecosystem to support digital assets will create new
opportunities and transform the investment landscape in the future.

"SET strongly believes that the collaboration with all stakeholders in enhancing
the existing infrastructures that are a backbone of the current ecosystem and
in building the new digital asset ecosystem will be a turning point that will
take the Thai capital market to the next level.  SET stands ready to build and
operate the capital market that is underpinned by trust," added Pakorn.

                                "SET...Make it 'Work' for Everyone"