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30 Apr 2019 17:13:00
Amendments of the Fund scheme of Hemaraj Industrial Property and Leasehold Fund (HPF)
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                MFC Asset Management Public Company Limited, as the Management Company of 
Hemaraj Industrial Property and Leasehold Fund (HPF), wishes to inform that the
company held a unitholders' meeting of Hemaraj Industrial Property and Leasehold
Fund on April 22, 2019. A unitholder resolution was requested to amend the fund
scheme on issues relating to changing the name of the industrial estate and
name of possessor of land and factory building, including restructuring the
management of the group due to the merger between Hemaraj Land and Development
Public Company Limited and WHA Corporation Public Company Limited. This change
of name does not affect the fund in any way. The company received the resolution
of the unitholders by a majority vote of the total number of the investment
units of the unitholders attending the meeting and having the right to vote
(according to Securities and Exchange Act (No.6) which is effective from April
17, 2019) agreed to amend the fund scheme on the above issues. The above
amendment shall take effect from April 22, 2019 onwards.
Unitholders can find more information as related to above amendment to the Fund 
Scheme via MFC Website ( or contact the MFC Contact Center tel.
0-2649-2000 ext. 0 every business day from 8.30 to 17.00 hours.
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