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19 Jul 2019 18:51:00
Report on the results of sale of common shares offered to private placement (F53-5)
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                The results of sale of shares (F53-5)
Report date of securities allocation     : 19-Jul-2019

Type of offered securities

Common shares
Offered to

Private placement (PP)
Name of private placement                : Mr. Rewin Pataibunlue
Number of allotted shares                : 666,666,666
Number of subscribed shares (shares)     : 666,666,666
Mr.Vonnarat Tangkaravakoon
Stark Investment Corporation Limited
Remaining of allotted shares based on    : 22,500,000,000
shareholders' resolution
Subscription price (baht per share)      : 0.60
Subscription and payment period          : From 09-Jul-2019 to 09-Jul-2019
Total subscribed shares (shares)         : 22,166,666,666
Number of remaining shares (shares)      : 333,333,334

Total allotted shares (shares)           : 22,500,000,000
Total subscribed shares (shares)         : 22,166,666,666
Total remaining shares (shares)          : 333,333,334
Total amount (baht)                      : 13,299,999,999.60
Total expense (baht)                     : 13,165,059,276.77
Expense details                          : The capital increase in totaling 
13,300 million baht, can be divided into 2 parts:
1.    The Company acquire and accept transfer of the entire business of TAH2, which
refers to all assets, liabilities, rights, obligations and responsibilities of
TAH2, currently available and to be available in the future, as of 9 July 2019,
including 399,565 ordinary shares at the par value of THB 1,000 per share in
Phelps Dodge International (Thailand) Limited ("PDITL"), which is a subsidiary
of TAH2 (or representing 99.28 percent of PDITL's registered capital), and
ordinary shares in the amount of 4,900 shares at the par value of THB 100 in
PDTL Trading Limited ("PDITL Trading")  which is the joint company which hold
shares by TAH2  (approximately equal to 49 percent of the issued and paid-up
shares of PDTL Trading) totaling 12,900 million baht
2.    The Company received 400 million baht in cash from Mr.Rewin Pataibunlue and 
as of July 19, 2019, the Company used such amount to pay registration of capital
increase fee at MOC at 0.26 million baht and to repay outstanding debt and
accrued interests of 264.80 million baht. The remaining amount of cash at 134.94
million baht will be used to repay the outstanding debt and accrued interests
of SMM which is planned to be repaid within the end of July 2019.
Net amount received (baht)               : 134,940,722.83

Remark                                   :
The board of directors will propose in the next shareholders' meeting to grant 
an approval for decreasing the registered capital and number of ordinary shares
only the mentioned portion. The process for decreasing the registered capital
and number of ordinary shares is subject to the approval from the shareholder's

Authorized to sign on behalf of the      : Mr. Chanin Yensudchai
Position                                 : Director

Mr. Sathar Chantrasettalead

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