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13 Aug 2019 08:48:00
New investment in Jixin solar power plant in China
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                                13 August 2019

Subject:  New investment in Jixin solar power plant in China
To:     President of the Stock Exchange of Thailand
Banpu Public Company Limited ("Banpu") would like to inform the Stock Exchange 
of Thailand that its subsidiary Banpu Power Public Company Limited ("BPP") had
been notified that BPP through its 100% owned subsidiary, BPP Renewable
Investment Co., Ltd. recently invest in new operating solar power plant named
"Jixin" with capacity of 25.22 MW located in Jiangsu province, People Republic
of China. The transaction value is RMB 189.15 million. This project was entitled
to Feed-in-tariff (FIT) of 1 RMB/Kwh. The contribution from the project will be
 recognized in 3Q19.
Inclusive of this project, BPP currently owned total of 7 Solar Power Plants in 
China with aggregated generation capacity of 177.32 MW consists of;
Project name    Capacity
(MW)    Location
(Province)    Tariff
(RMB/Kwh)    COD
1. Huineng    21.51    Shandong    0.98    July 2016
2. Jinshan    28.95    Shandong    1.00    September 2016
3. Haoyuan    20.00    Shandong    1.00    October 2016
4. Hui'en    19.70    Shandong    0.98    January 2017
5. Deyuan    51.64    Zhejiang    0.98    February 2017
6. Xingyu    10.30    Shandong    0.85    October 2017
7. Jixin    25.22    Jiangsu    1.00    June 2016
Total capacity    177.32            

BPP will continue seeking for investment opportunities across Asia-Pacific to 
achieve growth target of 4,300 MW within 2025 focusing in attractive growth
market with supportive government policy.
Please be informed accordingly and kindly disseminate the information herein to 
Sincerely yours,
                                  - signature -
                                        (Mrs. Somruedee  Chaimongkol)
                             Chief Executive Officer
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