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19 Feb 2020 08:38:00
SET adds new listed securities : CRC's securities to be traded on February 20, 2020
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Listing                                  : Common stock
Company name                             : CENTRAL RETAIL CORPORATION PUBLIC 
Security Symbol                          : CRC
Secondary market                         : SET
Industry                                 : Services
Sector                                   : Commerce
Listed date                              : 20-Feb-2020
Trading date                             : 20-Feb-2020
Number of listed shares (Common          : 6,031,000,000
Number of paid-up Stocks  (Common        : 6,031,000,000
Par value (baht per share)               : 1.00
Paid-up capital (baht)                   : 6,031,000,000.00
IPO shares (shares)                      : 1,691,000,000
IPO's shares are consisted of            : Additional shares offered to public 
totaling 1,331,000,000 shares.
The share of existing shareholders offered to public totaling 360,000,000 
Allocated to                             : Public totaling 1,691,000,000 shares.
IPO price (baht)                         : 42.00
IPO offering date                        : From 29-Jan-2020 to 11-Feb-2020
Business description                     :
Operate as multi-format,multi-category retailing platform in Thailand, Italy, 
and Vietnam. Also a pioneer in omni-channel retailing in Thailand, complementing
retail store network and merchandise offerings with leading positions among
store-based retailers in online traffic.
Greenshoe option (shares)                : 169,100,000
Remark                                   :
- The company allocates the share of existing shareholders 360 million shares, 
the additional shares 1,331 million shares, and 169.1 million over-allotment
shares, totaling of 1,860.1 million shares. In this regard, the company
allocated a portion of the additional shares as compensation for ROBINS's
shareholders who accept the share swap to delist ROBINS from being a listed
security, according to the company's business group restructuring plan.
- 169.1 million over-allotment shares, which were borrowed from Harng Central 
Department Store Company Limited (HCDS).
 - Please see the Information Memorandum of CRC through PDF File.