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24 Feb 2020 19:16:00
The 13th Notification for the Sale of Immovable property of Multi-National Residence Fund (MNRF)
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                Acquisition or disposition of assets

February 20, 2020
To    The President
The Stock Exchange of Thailand
No. KorTorRor. SorOrSor. 4/2020 Re: The 13th Notification for the Sale of 
Immovable property of Multi-National Residence Fund (MNRF)
MFC Asset Management Public Company Limited, as the Management Company of 
Multi-National Residence Fund ("the Fund"), would like to notify the summary of
the sale of immovable property, details as follow:
-    Completion of transaction Date :
January 31, 2020
-    Buyer :
Unit number    Buyer
39/284    Mrs. Nipa Jurairattanaporn
-    Details of asset sold :
Danicha Garden Condominium unit number 39/284 with total usable area of 240.19 
square meters, located in the Nichada Thani Compound
-    Location :
Danicha Garden Condominium, Soi Nichada Thani, Samakee Road, Pakkret, Nonthaburi
-    Land Area :
According to the book title suite, total usable area of 240.19 square meters,
-    Transaction Description :
Disposal of asset by which the total value of transaction is 0.62% of the net 
asset value, calculated from the financial statement as of December 31, 2019
-    Disposition Price :
Baht 5,764,560, being already paid
-    Value of assets :
            Purchase Price:
Unit number    Purchase Price
(Investment Price)    Acquisition date
39/284    4,700,858.00    May 13, 2008

- Condominium unit number 39/284 invested on May 13, 2008 with the value of Baht
Book value: Appraisal value by Assetasia Corporation Company Limited as October 
31, 2019

Unit Number    Appraisal value as of October 31, 2019 (Baht)
39/284    5,029,456.00
    Appraisal Values by 2 independent appraisers (based on income approach) :
           1) Baht 5,029,456 by Assetasia Corporation Company Limited (valued on 
October 31, 2019)
           2)  Baht 5,090,000 by Future Appraisal Company Limited (valued on September
 6, 2019)
-    Criteria to determine the value of transaction :
The value of transaction is determined by purchase price, and appraisal value
-    Benefits from asset disposal :
Realize gain from property appreciation
-    Plan to use the proceeds :
The Fund will proceed for capital reduction to unitholders at appropriate time.
-    Approval of transaction :
Approved by the Property Investment Committee of Management Company

Please be informed accordingly.
Sincerely yours,

(Miss Natree Panassutrakorn)
Executive Vice President                         

REIT, Property and Infrastructure Fund Department
Tel: 02-649-2000
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