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13 Mar 2020 12:30:00
Announcement of COVID-19 prevention policy for Annual General Meeting 2020
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SCO 012/2019

                            March 13, 2020

Subject        Announcement of COVID-19 prevention policy for Annual General Meeting 
To        Director and General Manager of the Stock Exchange of Thailand

Whereas, Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited "MSC" will convene the
Annual General Meeting for shareholders no.25/2020 on April 2, 2020. MSC would
like to inform you about our prevention policy related to the outbreak of the
Coronavirus crisis (COVID-19) that MSC will set up a screening point at the
entrance of the meeting room to measure every attendee's body temperature for
those who will attend the Annual General Meeting 2020 and MSC reserves the right
to deny entry to anyone with a temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher,
anyone showing symptoms of fever, or anyone who has returned from a high-risk
country (according to the announcement of the Ministry of Public Health) less
than 14 days before the Meeting which is in accordance with the measures of the
Department of Disease Control.
However, the shareholder who would like to vote by yourself in the meeting but  
unable to pass the screening point at the entrance of the meeting
room or the shareholders who are inconvenience to participate the meeting
because of sick. They may authorize an independent director to attend and vote
at the Annual General Meeting on their behalf by completing the proxy form B
that was sent in advance or download from the company website : and send back to
the Corporate Secretary as process shown in the AGM invitation.Therefore, this
is to protect, control and reduce the risk of widespread transmission of
COVID-19 to others.
Pleased be informed accordingly.

           Yours sincerely,
        Sumateta Jitsiripol
       Ms. Sumateta Jitsiripol
              Corporate Secretary
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