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30 Mar 2020 17:22:00
Annual General Meeting Date of Unitholders for the Year 2020 regarding outbreak of novel coronavirus (Covid-19) MJLF
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                Schedule of investment unitholders' meeting/trust unitholders' meeting

Subject                                  : Schedule of investment unitholders' 
Meeting Type                             : Annual General Meeting
Date announced                           : 25-Feb-2020
Record date for the right to attend the  : 10-Mar-2020
Ex-meeting date                          : 09-Mar-2020
Significant agenda item                  :
  - Agenda 1 To acknowledge the significant management of the Property Fund and 
the management in the future;

Agenda 2 To acknowledge the financial status and operation results of the 
Property Fund of the accounting period between 1 January 2019 to 31 December

Agenda 3 To acknowledge the appointment of the auditor of the Property Fund and 
the audit fee of the year 2020;

Agenda 4 To acknowledge the dividend payment to the unitholders and the decrease
the registered capital of the Property Fund for the fiscal year ending 31
December 2019;

Agenda 5 Other matters (if any).
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