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24 Jul 2020 12:56:00
Shareholders meeting's resolution (edit template)
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                Shareholders meeting's resolution

Subject                                  : Shareholders meeting's resolution
Shareholder's meeting date               : 22-Jul-2020
Meeting's resolution                     : Change from board's resolution
Agenda that is not in line with Board's  : Agenda 9 To consider and approve the 
amendment of the Company's Article of Association.
resolution (Update)
Remark (Update)                          :
the proposed details of the amendment of the Company's Articles of Association, 
Agenda 9 of the 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders' invitation,
specified the amendment of the Company's Article of Association in a total of 6
clauses (Clause 28, 34, 36, 37, 38 and 41) including Clause 38 "the appointment
of proxy via electronic meeting" in Chapter 5. The Company received
recommendation from the Registrar of Public Limited Companies that such revision
of Clause 38 of the Company's Articles of Association shall limit the rights of
shareholders to appoint a proxy. Therefore, the Company proposed to the Meeting
to approve the amendment of the Company's Articles of Association in total of 5
 Clauses being Clause 28, 34, 36, 37 and 41 only.
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