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02 Nov 2020 09:00:00
Shareholders meeting's resolution
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                Shareholders meeting's resolution

Subject                                  : Shareholders meeting's resolution
Shareholder's meeting date               : 30-Oct-2020
Meeting's resolution                     : Accordingly approved with board's 
Remark                                   :

No. TT/CS/FA 032/2020
Date 30 October 2020

Re:    Notification of Resolutions of the Unitholders' Annual General Meeting of 
the year 2020 Luxury Real Estate Investment Fund (LUXF)
To:    The President
The Stock Exchange of Thailand
The Annual General Meeting of the year 2020 of the Unitholders of Luxury Real 
Estate Investment Fund (LUXF) (the "Property Fund") held on 30 October 2020 from
2.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m. which is held through the electronic channel (EAGM),
having the total number of Unitholders attending the meeting in person and by
proxy, the total amount of 28 persons holding 105,562,400 investment units
equivalent to 53.7213 percent of the total number of investment units sold
(196,500,000 investment units) has passed certain material resolutions, which
can be summarized as follows:
1. Acknowledged the change and the significant development of the Property Fund 
in the year 2019.
2. Acknowledged the financial status and the performance of the Property Fund 
and benefit distribution for the accounting period of 1 July 2019 to 30 June
3. Acknowledged the appointment of the Property Fund's auditor and audit fee for
 the year 2020.
-    Auditor     PV Audit Company Limited.
1.    Ms. Chompoonuch  Saetae     Certified Public Accountant No. 8382 and/or
2.    Mr. Prawit  Viwanthananut     Certified Public Accountant No. 4917 and/or
3.    Mr. Thirdthong  Thepmongkorn Certified Public Accountant No. 3787 and/or
4.    Ms. Rathaphat Limsakul      Certified Public Accountant No. 10508 and/or
5.    Ms. Chutima  Wongsaraphanchai     Certified Public Accountant No. 9622
-    Audit fee    THB 300,000
4. Approval changing the fund management company from TMB Asset Management 
Company Limited to Thanachart Fund Management Company Limited with the total
votes of 105,562,400 investment units equivalent to 53.7213 percent of the total
number of investment units sold in the amount of 196,500,000 investment units.
The change of the Management Company will be effective from 30 November 2020
Please be informed accordingly.
Sincerely Yours,

TMB Asset Management Company
Luxury Real Estate Investment Fund (LUXF)
Contact Number
+662 838-1800 Press 8887
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