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12 Nov 2020 08:29:00
STARK met the free float requirement
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                STARK met the free float requirement

    As Stark Corporation Public Company Limited (STARK) was backdoor listed on the 
Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) since July 25, 2019. STARK had an obligation to
distribute its minority shareholders (Free Float: FF) from 4.40% of the paid-up
capital to 15% of the paid-up capital according to the action plans and
timeframe that STARK created and proposed to the SET including disclosed such
action plan to investors through SET's disclosure system.

    Currently, STARK has now met the free-float requirement regarding the 
distribution of minor shareholding with 7,281 minority shareholders and holding
in aggregate 20.84% of its paid-up capital. (Details as shown in STARK's news on
 November 11, 2020)

    Therefore, SET would like to inform investors that STARK has met the free float

November 12, 2020