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17 Dec 2020 19:31:00
The record date of PTT's shareholders who are entitled to the pre-emptive rights of PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited's newly issued ordinary shares for its IPO
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                Pre-emptive Right

Subject                                  : Pre-emptive Right
Name of subsidiary or associated company :PTT Oil and Retail Business Public 
Company Limited
 which offers pre-emptive right
Type of allocated securities             : Common Shares
Number of allotted shares (shares)       : 300,000,000
Record date for the right to subscribe   : 05-Jan-2021
additional shares of subsidiary or 
associated company
Ex-Other Benefits Date (XB)              : 04-Jan-2021
Remark                                   :
PTT will notify the Eligible Shareholders of PTT's pre-emptive ratio, offering 
price, offering period, and other relevant details after the Record Date (5
January 2021) as PTT will be able to know the actual number of the Eligible
Shareholders of PTT after the Record Date, and the date OR's registration
statement and the draft prospectus become effective since OR shall not offer and
allocate its newly issued ordinary shares to any PTT's shareholders who reside
outside of Thailand and may be considered in violation of other countries'
securities laws, or cause OR any duties under any international laws besides the
relevant laws or regulations regarding the issuance and offer for sales of
securities under Thai laws
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