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08 Jan 2021 17:20:00
The postponement of the Property inspection in 2021 of Hemaraj Industrial Property and Leasehold Fund (HPF) due to the outbreak of COVID-19
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                Reference to the Fund Scheme and the Notification of the Office of the 
Securities and Exchange Commission No.Tor Nor.36/2562 that the Fund Supervisor
and the Fund have to conduct inspection of the property to be invested within 1
year from the completion of the last inspection.

MFC Asset Management Plc. ("the Company"), as the Management Company of Hemaraj 
Industrial Property and Leasehold Fund ("the Fund") would like to inform that
the Company is unable to conduct regular Property inspection of year 2021 due to
the COVID-19 outbreak situation especially in Rayong, Cholburi and Saraburi
Province where the Fund's property is located. The Company also aims to support
the epidemic prevention and control policy of COVID-19 in the country. With this
regard, the Company deems it appropriate to postpone the Property inspection of
year 2021 in accordance with the Capital Market Supervisory Board Re. Tor
Nor/Chor.36/2563 which granted waiver of inspecting the property for the
Property Fund, Infrastructure Fund, and REIT due to current situation of the
COVID-19 outbreak. The Company will conduct the annual property inspection in
2021 when the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic returns to normal. Currently,
the Company is cooperating with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC"),
and if the SEC issues any additional regulations, the Company will proceed to
comply with such additional regulations as well.

The Company will monitor the situation closely. And if there is any change, the 
Company will report to the Unitholders and related persons promptly.
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