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09 Feb 2021 12:58:00
Notification of the Appointment of Director
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                Change of director/Executive

Ref.  CIMBT OFP.     019/2021

 9 February 2021

Subject:    Notification of the Appointment of Director

To:    The President
    The Stock Exchange of Thailand
CIMB Thai Bank Public Company Limited (the "Bank")'s Board of Directors at its 
meeting no. 1/2021, held on 22 January 2021, resolved to appoint Mr. Paul Wong
Chee Kin to be an executive director (with signing authority), replacing Mr.
Sutee Losoponkul.  The Bank later filed a request for the Bank of Thailand's
approval of the appointment of Mr. Paul Wong Chee Kin as the director in
accordance with the relevant requirements.
Please be informed that the Bank of Thailand has already granted an approval of 
the above appointment as per our request. With such approval, the role of Mr.
Paul Wong Chee Kin as an executive director (with signing authority) is
effective from 8 February 2021 onwards.
Sincerely yours,
            - Patima Jumpasut -
           (Patima Jumpasut, Mrs.)
                Company Secretary

Company Secretary Unit
Office of the President
Tel. +66 2638 8287
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