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17 May 2021 17:17:00
Shareholders meeting's resolution
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                Shareholders meeting's resolution

Subject                                  : Shareholders meeting's resolution
Shareholder's meeting date               : 17-May-2021
Meeting's resolution                     : Accordingly approved with board's 
Remark                                   :

Our Ref. JTS/CS-014/2564

May 17, 2021

Subject    Report on the resolution of the EGM No. 2/2021
To        The President of the Stock Exchange of Thailand

Jasmine Telecom Systems Public Company Limited (the "Company") would like to 
report the resolution made at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders
No. 2/2021 (the "EGM No. 2/2021") held on  May 17, 2021 via electronic method
(E-EGM), pursuant to the Emergency Decree on Electronic Meeting B.E. 2563
(2020), as detailed below:-

1.    The Meeting has approved the purchase of the Jastel Network Co., Ltd. shares 
from Jasmine Submarine Telecommunications Co., Ltd., which is classified as the
acquisition of assets and a connected transaction. Details of the vote are as

The number of shares of the shareholders, attending the Meeting and eligible to 
vote on this agenda item, was 147,935,200 shares. There were 5 shareholders who
were not eligible to vote on this agenda item. The Meeting resolutions are as

Resolution    Number of shares    % of total shares of the shareholders, attending the
 Meeting and eligible
to vote
Agree    147,935,200    100
Disagree    0    0
Abstain    0    0
Not eligible    359,710,500    -

Please be informed accordingly.

Sincerely yours,
Jasmine Telecom Systems Public Company Limited.

[Pleumjai Sinarkorn]
(Mr. Pleumjai Sinarkorn)
Chairman of the Board of Directors
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