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11 Jan 2022 12:32:00
SET News :Thai bourse unveils 2022-2024 strategic plan, "Connecting opportunities x Transforming possibilities," to synergize present & future worlds of investment
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                                                                                  SET News 
                                                                  January 11, 

Thai bourse unveils 2022-2024 strategic plan, "Connecting opportunities x 
Transforming possibilities," to synergize present & future worlds of investment

BANGKOK, January 11, 2022 - The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has formulated 
the three-year strategic plan (2022-2024) based on the concept of "Connecting
opportunities x Transforming possibilities," with the aim to develop the current
capital market and connect to the future world to ensure growth and
sustainability aspects for both business and society. SET will debut "Thai
Digital Assets Exchange (TDX)" in response to the new generation's interest as
well as the "LiVE Exchange" to provide SMEs and startups with access to funding
sources while allowing sophisticated investors to take part in the ownership.

SET plans to support infrastructure to facilitate efficient business operations 
and cater to the new normal environment. SET aims to be the fundraising venue
for businesses in the changing economic landscape, stretching into new economy
industries as well as offering more investment opportunities through global
capital market-linked products by enabling Thai investors to conveniently invest
 in other countries at lower costs.

As for the society, SET will continue to focus on financial literacy of Thai 
people in order to strengthen financial health in the new normal era. SET will
continue to drive sustainability by cultivating a number of environmental,
social and governance (ESG) experts, increasingly sharing knowledge among wider
public, and supporting businesses' engagement in environmental conservation.

SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai said that amid pandemic and the 
ever-changing digital world, SET is committed to capital market development for
the benefits of all sectors while being resilient and having contributed
continuous growth in line with the  group's vision 'To Make the Capital Market
Work for Everyone.' The bourse's  three-year strategic plan, for 2022-2024, will
expand to support both today's world and in the future as the country's
attractive investment hub. Meanwhile, the financial skills of the Thai people
will be enhanced continuously to achieve better financial health in the new
normal era. Significantly, SET will further promote the engagement of the
business sectors in protecting the environment and society toward
sustainability, mainly through the following three strategies: 1) Bridging
seamless opportunities across all segment, 2) Bonding innovative infrastructure
with trust, and 3) Branching financial sustainability for Thais.

1)    Bridging seamless opportunities across all segment - supporting fundraising 
through the initial public offering (IPO) of companies with high potential and
rapid growth as well as the listing of foreign companies. SET will further
develop a capital-raising source for social enterprises (SEs), SMEs, and
startups by leveling up LiVE Platform into LiVE Exchange, which is expected to
start trading in the first quarter of 2022. Moreover, listed companies of all
sizes will be promoted to adopt ESG concept to become ESG Investment Stars,
aiming to increase companies in global sustainability indices.
SET will promote capital market accessibility by offering easier access to 
investment via    efficient procedures for account opening, encouraging retail
investors to use digital technology in trading, and serving young generation
investors with the small ticket investment products. Furthermore, SET will
promote connectivity of opportunities for investment in other countries such as
exchange-traded fund (ETF), depositary receipt (DR),

derivative warrant (DW), as well as fractional product which is expected to 
start trading at the beginning of the third quarter of this year.

2) Bonding innovative infrastructure with trust - expanding the reliable and 
efficient digital infrastructures to serve new lifestyles of investors, and
upgrading the comprehensive management of capital market professionals via
digital channels. The ESG Data Platform is initiated to provide investors with
useful information for their investment in sustainable stocks. Furthermore, SET
will innovatively create a new platform to link the trading of traditional
assets to digital assets under TDX which is expected to be launched in the third
 quarter of 2022.

3) Branching financial sustainability for Thais - collaborating with educational
institutions. SET has continuously developed courses related to environmental,
social and governance (ESG) to produce more ESG experts, while joining hands
with various organizations to distribute ESG standard courses. Consequently,
this will instill the long-term savings, financial and investment skills among
Thai people from all walks of life for better living in the new normal era.
These projects are such as the Happy Money project for happy retirement, and
many others. As for the sustainability aspects, SET has increased the number of
partners for environmental and climate protection via Climate Care Platform
projects; and further enhanced the potential of SEs. In addition, SET also
continues promoting good governance in cybersecurity among capital market's

"With an aim to make the enterprise-wide operations agile, flexible effective, 
and competitive, SET has increasingly developed its digital transformation of
infrastructures and is fully open to work with various partners. We believe that
the investment worlds of today and tomorrow will be connected seamlessly in
such a way as to serve the demand of issuers, investors, and stakeholders in all
sectors. In addition, SET will continue to take good care of Thai people,
enabling everyone to adapt to changes and grow together," added Pakorn.
Key developments and achievements in 2021

Market Growth
-    IPO market capitalization totaling THB 454 billion (approx. USD 13.55 
billion), the 7th largest in Asia and the 18th ranking worldwide.
-    The most liquid stock exchange in ASEAN since 2012, with average daily trading
 value at  THB 93.9 billion (approx. USD 2.81 billion)
-    1.6 million new stock trading accounts, 40 percent increase from previous 
year. There are currently over 5 million accounts.
-    Having introduced the IPO criteria for companies in New Economy sectors that 
are in line with the government policy and global trends
-    Having received the Best Stock Exchange Southeast Asia 2021 Award from Global 
Banking and Finance Review, and the ESQR's Quality Achievements Award 2021 from
the European Society for Quality Research (ESQR), reflecting the international
recognition as a leading stock market in Asia

Infrastructure Expansion

-    Developing LiVE Exchange to widen opportunities for SMEs and startups for 
funding sources
-    Connecting  products and services in global markets such as Thailand-Singapore
DR Linkage, DW on DJSI, NASDAQ-100 Index, and Hang Seng Tech Index, as well as
  shares in Hong Kong Stock Exchange being used as underlying assets
-    Developing the Streaming Fund+ service for mutual fund trading and investment 

-    FundConnext with more than 33,000 transactions/day of mutual fund trading, 
rising by over 1.6 times from 2020
-    Developing Digital Access Platform (DAP) services as "NDID Proxy" of the 
capital market, ready to connect databases with government organizations

Environmental Solutions & Social Development
-    Global recognitions for sustainable companies: 24 Thai listed companies 
included in Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) - the highest number in
ASEAN for eight consecutive years, and 11 Thai companies ranked "Gold Class" by
S&P Global - the world's highest number
-    Collaborating with more partners such as National Innovation Agency (NIA), 
Panyapiwat and Expara Thailand to develop training courses for entrepreneurs
-    Cultivating and disseminating financial knowledge among the Thai people via 
various projects: Happy Money, AOM YOUNG, and INVESTORY Mobile Exhibition on
Schools, etc.
-    Moving forward via Climate Care Platforms to help reduce global warming with 
over    300 participating companies while reducing greenhouse gas emissions of
SET building to reach carbon neutrality
-    Initiating measures for stakeholders to ease the impact of COVID-19

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