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14 Jan 2022 12:35:00
SET News :SET welcomes telecommunication & digital solution provider "TKC" on Jan 17
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                                                                            SET News 3 /2022
                                                             January 14, 2022
SET welcomes telecommunication & digital solution provider "TKC" on Jan 17

BANGKOK, January 14, 2022 - The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) will list 
Turnkey Communication Services PCL, a telecommunication transmission system,
ICT, and digital solutions & services provider, on January 17, under the ticker
symbol "TKC". The company has a market capitalization at its initial public
offering (IPO) of THB 5.4 billion (approx. USD 160 million).

SET Senior Executive Vice President Manpong Senanarong said that TKC will list 
and start trading on SET in the Technology industry group, Information &
Communication Technology sector.

TKC is a service provider for turnkey projects related to telecommunication 
transmission system, data communication, public security system, and engineering
& maintenance projects as well as distributes related equipment for more than
18 years. The company has a team of experienced engineers, well trained at
international level and global partners, such as Huawei, Nokia and Cisco. TKC
has been granted many large projects including procurement, design and
installation of Phase 1 & 2 of Digital Trunk Radio; Phase 1 & 2 of high-speed
internet connection system for USO project; and CAT Filter system installation
from the government and private sectors continuously. As of September 30, 2021,
the company has a backlog of approximately THB 2.35 billion which will be
gradually recognized in the next few years. The company has plenty of
opportunities to grow in accordance with the government's upcoming projects and
the private sector's investment expansion in the future.

The company has a registered paid-up capital of THB 300 million, consisting of 
222 million existing common shares and 78 million newly issued shares, with a
par value of THB 1 each. TKC offered no less than 58.5 shares to persons at the
underwriters' discretion, not over 11.7 million shares to the company's patrons,
and not over 7.8 million shares to the company's directors, executives and/or
employees of the company and subsidiaries on January 7 and during January 10-11
at THB 18 each, for a total raised fund of THB 1.40 billion. Pioneer Advisory
Co., Ltd. is its financial advisor and Kingsford Securities PCL is the lead

TKC Managing Director Sayam Tiewtranon said that the listing will strengthen the
company's capital base and enhance the potential to undertake big ticket
projects related to telecommunication, transmission network system, data center
systems, cloud system, smart solutions, digital trunk radio and cyber security
systems, including other services to generate continuous income. The company
aims to secure its leadership as engineering service provider in ICT and
telecommunications that can generate benefits to shareholders in the long run.

TKC's three largest shareholders after the IPO are 1) Sayam Tiewtranon's group 
(46.07 percent), 2) SKY ICT PCL (25.16 percent), and 3) Pinpriyarkorn
Chonpathmethar and Sirirat Suksaman (1.39 percent each). The IPO price was
equivalent to the price-to-earnings ratio (P/E ratio) of 17.54 times. The
earnings per share is equal to THB 1.03, calculated from the company's net
profit in the past four quarters (from the fourth quarter of 2020 to the third
quarter of 2021), divided by fully diluted shares.

The company's dividend policy is to pay no less than 40 percent of net profit 
from the company's separate financial statement, after corporate income tax and
all legal reserves.

For more information, please see the company's prospectus at the Securities and 
Exchange Commission (SEC)'s website at; and for general
information, please visit  as well as

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