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08 Mar 2022 18:16:00
Amendments of the Fund Scheme of Multi-National Residence Fund (MNRF)
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                8 March 2022
To    President
The Stock Exchange of Thailand
No. Kor Tor Ror. 102/2565 Re: Amendments of the Fund Scheme of Multi-National 
Residence Fund (MNRF)
MFC Asset Management Public Company Limited ("the Company") would like to inform
the amendment of the Multi-National Residence Fund (MNRF) fund scheme, in order
to comply with the Notification announced by the Capital Market Supervisory
Board No. Tor Jor 20/2561, No. Tor Nor 36/2562, No. Tor Jor 17/2564, No. Tor Nor
16/2564 and No. Tor Nor 37/2564. The Company has already received a letter of
opinion on the amendment of the fund scheme from the trustee. The major topics
of the amendment can be summarized as follows: investment criteria; rules,
policy, and procedures for dividend pay-out to unitholders; rules and
restrictions of unitholding; rights, duties and responsibilities of the asset
management company; rights, duties and responsibilities of the trustee; fees and
expenses charged to the fund; calculation method, schedule of calculation and
announcement of asset value, net asset value and net asset value per unit;
report submission to the Office of the SEC and unitholders; and amendment and
amendments of the fund scheme or managerial methods. The above amendments shall
take effect from 1 April 2022 onwards.
For more information, please visit MFC Website ( or contact the 
MFC Contact Center tel. 0-2649-2000 ext. 0 every business day from 08.30 to
17.00 hours.
For your acknownledgement,
Yours faithfully,

(Ms.Natree Panassutrakorn)
Executive Vice President
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