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31 Mar 2022 17:54:00
Notification of the resolution of the Board of Directors' Meeting No. 2/2022 Re: The increase of limit for issuance and offering of debt instruments and the amendment to agenda of the 2022 Annual General Meeting of shareholders
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                Schedule of Shareholders' meeting

Subject                                  : Schedule of Annual General Meeting of
Date of Board resolution (Update)        : 31-Mar-2022
Shareholder's meeting date               : 29-Apr-2022
Beginning time of meeting (h:mm)         : 14 : 00
Record date for the right to attend the  : 04-Apr-2022
Ex-meeting date                          : 01-Apr-2022
Significant agenda item (Update)         :
  - Omitted dividend payment
  - To consider and approve the increase of limit for issuance and offering of 
debt instruments by USD 300,000,000 from the current limit of not exceeding USD
150,000,000 to be not exceeding USD 450,000,000 with conditions as specified
Venue of the meeting (Update)            : E-Meeting

Dividend payment / Omitted dividend payment

Subject                                  : Omitted dividend payment
Date of Board resolution                 : 23-Feb-2022
Omitted dividend payment from            :
    Operating period from 01-Jan-2021 to 31-Dec-2021

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