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28 Apr 2022 17:48:00
Right Adjustment of DIMET-W4
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                Right adjustment / No right adjustment

Subject                                  : Right Adjustment
Symbol                                   : DIMET-W4
The full name of warrant                 : Warrant of DIMET (SIAM) PUBLIC 
Type of adjustment                       : Adjustment of exercise price and 
exercise ratio
     Before exercise price (THB/share)   : 0.50
     After exercise price (THB/share)    : 0.4683
     Before adjustment exercise ratio    : 1 : 1
(unit : share)
     After adjustment exercise ratio     : 1 : 1.0677
(unit : share)
The reason for adjustment                : The Company shall adjust the exercise
price and exercise ratio to ensure that the benefits of the Warrant Holders are
not less than the existing status. The reasons for adjustment of this event are
 as follows;
 - According to on December 28, 2021 which is the date that the Company received
partial payment of the new ordinary shares which were issued and offered to
specific investors by the way of private placement in accordance with the
resolutions of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders No. 1/2021 at
the offering price of THB 0.59 per newly issued ordinary shares, which is lower
than 90% of the market price as at the first day of the offering of the
ordinary shares to a private placement at that time. Therefore, it is considered
as a reason to the right adjustment as specified in Clause 1.4.1(c) under the
Terms and Conditions Governing the Rights and Obligations of the Issuers and
Holders of the Warrants to purchase Newly Issued Ordinary Shares of Dimet (Siam)
 Public Company Limited No.4 (DIMET-W4)
Effective date for adjustment            : 29-Apr-2022
Authorized Persons to Disclose           : Mr. Phichai Chainarongloka
Position                                 : Chief Financial Officer

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