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13 May 2022 17:48:00
NAV announcement as of 31 March 2022
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                Report on Net Assets Value (NAV) per unit

Subject                                  : Report NAV
Name                                     : DIGITAL TELECOMMUNICATIONS 
NAV as of                                : 31-Mar-2022
Net Assets Value (Baht per unit)         : 16.5859
Net Assets Value (Baht)                  : 176,336,109,322.52
Total Assets Value (Baht)                : 223,582,619,381.34
Balance Units (Units)                    : 10,631,653,745.0000
Authorized to sign on behalf of the      : Mrs. Wanida Assawapayukul
Position                                 : Associate Director
Remark                                   :
As of  31 March 2022, the Fund had an outstanding of deferred expenses from the 
fund set-up or capital increase in a total amount of Baht 50.48 million. If
those deferred expenses were fully recognized, the net assets would be Baht
176,285.63 million or 16.5812 Baht per unit.
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