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13 May 2022 20:29:00
Disclosure of Information Concerning the Acquisition of Assets
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May 13, 2022

Subject: Disclosure of Information Concerning the Acquisition of Assets
To:          President, the Stock Exchange of Thailand
Enclosures: Information Concerning the Acquisition of Assets in Account (1) & 

ALT Telecom Public Company Limited (the "Company") convened the Board of 
Directors Meeting No. 2/2022 on May 10, 2022 to consider and approve the
investment project for the construction of a fiber communication network system,
to connect data centers according to the requirement of customer. The Company
has entered into the contracts with a customer to provide network service for
the period of 5-10 years under the condition that the customer must pay the
network service fee to the Company in advance. And the Company must strictly
maintain the confidentiality of the contracts.

In order for the Company to be able to provide services to customers under the 
said contract. The Company has to invest in the construction of an additional
optical fiber communication network system. The investment in such project has
been approved by the Board of Directors.

Because the investment in such project is worth the transaction size as Type 2 
Transaction according to the method of calculating the transaction size by using
the total value of consideration criterion, according to the Notification of
the Capital Market Supervisory Board No. TorJor. 20/2008 Re: Rules for
Significant Transactions Qualified as Acquisition or Disposition of Assets dated
August 31, 2008 and the Notification of the Board of Governors of the Stock
Exchange of Thailand. Re: Disclosure of Information and Acts of Listed Companies
Concerning the Acquisition or Disposition of Assets B.E. 2004 dated October 29,
2004. The Company is obliged to disclose information to the Stock Exchange of
Thailand and make a circular letter to shareholders within 21 days from the date
 of notification to SET.
The Company, with the acceptance of the Board of Directors, hereby certifies 
that the information contained in this notification is true and correct in all
respects. and has been prepared with due care and caution without violating the
confidentiality agreement that the Company has agreed to be bound. However, the
interests of the shareholders were taken as a priority.

For your information.

Best regards,
Somboon Setsuntipong                    
Vice President
Finance & Accounting
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