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23 May 2022 20:07:00
Report on the results of the Exercise of convertible debentures (F53-5)
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                Report on the result of exercise of other convertible securities (F53-5)
Report date of securities allocation     : 23-May-2022

Exercised securities

Convertible debentures

   Common shares
      Name of Convertible debentures     : Convertible debentures granting the 
right to convert into ordinary shares of  JKN Global Media  Public Company
Limited No.1/2022, due in 2025, unsubordinated and unsecured
      Number of conversed convertible    : 2,000
debentures (shares)
      Number of non conversed            : 18,000
convertible debentures (shares)
      Ratio (Convertible debentures :    : 1 : 195.618
      Conversion Price (baht/share)      : 5.112
      Exercise Date                      : From 23-May-2022
      Number of shares derived from      : 391,236
conversion (shares)
      Number of remaining shares         : 115,118,241
reserved (shares)

Remark                                   :
The convertible debenture holders who have exercise: Advance Opportunities Fund 
Conversion Ratio: The principal amount of the convertible debenture to be 
converted divided by the conversion price.
Conversion price: 90.00 percent of market price of the company's share on the 
Stock Exchange of Thailand for the past 7-15 consecutive business days before
the conversion date is between May 11, 2022 to  May 20, 2022. The weighted
average price is 5.68 Baht per share and the conversion price is 5.112 Baht per
share which is not less than 90.00 percent weighted average price. Therefore, it
does not meet the criteria that prohibit the convertible debenture holders from
selling the newly issued ordinary shares within one year from the date that the
convertible debenture holders received the convertible securities (Silent
However, the weighted average price calculated from closing price or weighted 
average price by trading volume in each business day (Floating Conversion Price)
The company has issued and offered of Convertible Debentures No. 1 on April 21, 
2022 at the amount of THB 25 million (25,000 units) to Advance Opportunities
Fund and the amount of THB 35 million (35,000 units) to Advance Opportunities
Fund 1. The total amount is THB 60 million (60,000 units). The convertible
debenture holders have exercised their conversion rights on May 23, 2022 at the
amount of THB 2 million (2,000 units). by Advance Opportunities Fund 1
exercised THB 2 million (2,000 units). The balance of convertible debentures of
No.1 which are not exercised at the amount of THB 18 million (18,000 units).
Authorized to sign on behalf of the      : Mr.Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip
Position                                 : Director

Ms.Pimauma Jakrajutatip

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