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23 Jun 2022 13:20:00
Report on the results of sale of common shares offered to common shares' shareholders via preferential public offering (F53-5)
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                The results of sale of shares (F53-5)
Report date of securities allocation     : 23-Jun-2022

Type of offered securities

Common shares
Offered to

Common shares' shareholders via Preferential Public Offering (PPO)
Number of allotted shares (shares)       : 7,424,674,374
Ratio (old shares: new shares)           : 1 : 3
Subscription price (baht per share)      : 0.10
Subscription and payment period          : From 13-Jun-2022 to 17-Jun-2022
Number of subscribed shares (shares)     : 7,424,674,374
Number of remaining shares (shares)      : 0

Total allotted shares (shares)           : 7,424,674,374
Total subscribed shares (shares)         : 7,424,674,374
Total remaining shares (shares)          : 0
Total amount (baht)                      : 742,467,437.40
Total expense (baht)                     : 1,631,163.34
Expense details                          : 1. Agent fee for subscription for 
newly issued shares 520,000 baht
2. Legal advisory fee 603,200 baht
3. Registration fee for amendment of the Memorandum of Association, Article 4 
(increase in capital) and company certificate of 760 baht.
4. Registration fee for change of paid-up capital (capital increase) 250,360 
5. Fee for publishing documents notifying the rights to subscribe for newly 
issued ordinary shares 82,654 baht
6. Registrar service fee (extraordinary) 122,189.34 baht
7. Shareholders meeting arrangement fee 52,000 baht
Net amount received (baht)               : 740,836,274.06

Authorized to sign on behalf of the      : Mrs.Supattra Nakmontanakum
Position                                 : Authorized Director

M.L.Phanpiengduen Sungkahapong
Authorized Director

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