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12 Jul 2022 08:04:00
Reporting Share Repurchase form for financial management purposes
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                Form for Reporting share repurchases

Subject                                  : Reporting Share Repurchase form for 
financial management purposes
Report date                              : 12-Jul-2022
Procedure used for share repurchase      : Buy on the Exchange
Last date for repurchasing shares        : 24-Jul-2022
Share repurchase plan
Date of Board resolution                 : 10-Jan-2022
Total number of shares to be repurchased : 59,171,597
Total shares to be repurchased as % of   : 7.94
paid-up shares
1. Results of share repurchase
Date of repurchase                       : 11-Jul-2022
Number of shares repurchased (shares)    : 763,700
Repurchase or highest price (THB per     : 3.40
Lowest price (THB per share)             : 3.34
Total paid (THB)                         : 2,571,890.00
2. Cumulative number of shares repurchased
Cumulative number of shares repurchased  : 19,727,600
until present date (including from item 
Total shares repurchased as % of paid-up : 2.65
Total value of shares repurchased (THB)  : 63,533,606.81

The company certifies that the information contained in this report is true and 
complete in all respects

                         Signature _________________
                                     ( Miss Laphassarin kraiwongwanitrung )
                                 Authorized to sign on behalf of the company


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