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14 Sep 2022 09:31:00
PRINC met the free-float requirement
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                According to the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) has published Principal 
Capital Public Company Limited (PRINC) that it had not met free-float
requirement for two consecutive years or more. Referring to the Regulation of
the Stock Exchange of Thailand Re: Listing of Ordinary Shares or Preferred
Shares as Listed Securities B.E. 2558 (2015) concerning the Maintaining the
Status of Listed Companies on the Exchange, it is required listed firms must
have at least 150 minority shareholders, holding at least 15% of a company's
paid-up capital, as shown on the shareholder list used for a company's annual
general meeting of shareholders. (Detail as in SET's news on July 1, 2022)
Currently, PRINC has now met the free-float requirement regarding the 
distribution of minor shareholding with 9,502 minority shareholders and holding
in aggregate 17.44% of its paid-up capital. (Detail as in PRINC's news on
September 13, 2022)
Therefore, SET would like to inform shareholders and investors that PRINC has 
met the free-float requirement.

September 14, 2022