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03 Oct 2022 14:04:00
SET News :SET and Thai GE Network jointly creates social entrepreneurs via universities nationwide for the first time
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                                                                      SET News 77/2022
                                                          October 3, 2022

SET and Thai GE Network jointly creates social entrepreneurs via universities 
nationwide for the first time

BANGKOK, October 3, 2022 - The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), together with 
Thai General Education Network, has encouraged universities across the country
to embrace "Social Entrepreneurship" subject as a general education course
starting from the academic year 2023 onwards, under a specially designed project
called Social Enterprise (SE) @General Education (GE) to groom social
entrepreneurs at university level so as to lay the entrepreneurship foundation
early, to cultivate the understanding of sustainability values, while creating
"change" leaders in the future.

SET President Pakorn Peetathawatchai said that SET is committed to developing 
the capital market to benefit all sectors under the vision "To Make the Capital
Market 'Work' for Everyone" in the social development and support perspectives.
SET has created opportunities for all groups of Thai people to access financial
learning resources, simultaneously with the development of knowledge and
entrepreneurial potential, especially small-sized entrepreneurs like startups,
SMEs, as well as social enterprises (SEs). This endeavor is in line with the
United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4): Quality Education,
aiming to drive quality education.

SET in collaboration with the Thai GE Network under the Ministry of Higher 
Education, Science, Research and Innovation, professionals and social sector
representatives, have jointly drafted the subject "Social Entrepreneurs" to be
included as general education course at the higher education level for use by
universities nationwide. The key objectives of this first-ever initiative are to
extend the social entrepreneurship knowledge to the new generation in the
learning system, ignite the sustainability development concept, cultivate the
attitude of social responsibility as the foundation of doing any business, while
 building the potential to be future change leaders.

Kasetsart University President and Chairman of Thai General Education Network 
Chongrak Watchrinrat said that the 'Social Entrepreneurship' subject is another
important subject for competence development of the new generation in the 21st
century, which corresponds to the general education requirement, aiming to
promote knowledge, skills, attitudes and ethics. The 2-credit course with the
length of 15 weeks focuses on active learning style. The main topics are
Introduction to Sustainability, Introduction to SE, SE model design for social
problem solving, a preliminary social impact assessment, and a preliminary
Business Model Canvas design. The Social Entrepreneurship course will be used as
a prototype course in general education for universities nationwide, to be
applied or adapted to the identity of each university in the next academic year.

Regarding this initiative collaboration, SET has prepared online manuals and 
teaching materials for both public and private universities to apply and
transfer knowledge, including the training focusing on hands-on teaching, which
help the students think and present using team-based learning approach to
lecturers. SET will hold the Train the Trainer Project for the first time this
November. The collaboration also includes the onsite sessions to promote
curriculum throughout next year.

SET, together with alliances, has recently launched a collaborative project to 
build social entrepreneurs among university students or the so-called Social
Enterprise (SE) @General Education (GE), at a special event consisting of the
keynote speech and seminar on "Thailand: Reform of higher education, Move
forward continuously", participated by the government, private sector, social
sector, and education sector to exchange views on the synergy to make changes
for the better via the support of essential skills in the higher education
system leading towards the creation of graduates and the development of human
resources of the country. The event was organized on October 3, 2022. Interested
universities please find details via

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